At Least We're Not Arby's


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released March 30, 2014

All songs written by CLITORATI
Guitar: Chan, Nathan, Chowie
Bass: Chan, Nathan
Drums: Chowie, Rudy
Vocals: Chan, Nathan, Chowie, Rudy
Recorded/Produced by: Rudy Mora

Thank you to Rudy for recording this album and making it hella phat, yo.
Thank you to David Talley for making an awesome album cover!
Thank you to Pizzolo for being such an inspiration.


all rights reserved



CLITORATI Pomona, California

We are CLITORATI and we like f**king clowns.

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Track Name: Circus
We are CLITORATI and we like fucking clowns!
Track Name: Nonsense
Why do I feel worthless when my friends love me so?
I've got a roof over my head, not to mention a warm bed, yet sometimes I wanna be dead
I feel like a shitty person for feeling as sad as I do
I'm like this on a regular basis with absolutely no reason to
Don't fucking come near me
Why does dad fear me?
I wanna help you understand
You'll never understand me
I'm sick of singing pretty songs when all I want to do is scream
I'm tired of feeling all alone please wake me from this dream

Let's Go!
Track Name: The Blue Pill
We're all forced to change, but I don't want to play this game anymore
The faces are still the same, but the people are different from ho they were before
And I can't keep up in a race where the lanes only grow stronger still
And I've had enough, I wish someone would have offered me that red pill

Please stay around, I don't want to lose another face to this crowd

We move day to day, forgetting all the ones that meant something
We're stuck in this way and I slowly feel like I will lose everything
But I don't want to see everyone I love and that has loved me
Turn into a memory, but I don't know how to fight

Please stay around, I don't want to lose another face to this crowd

If you have to go, please take me with you
Track Name: Porn Is Gross
I am weak in the heart and in the mind, I find myself slipping all of the time.
Going back on what I do and I say, if I didn't do it yesterday I'll do it today.
In the moment it's great, after I'm ashamed, I can't believe I just watched that fucking display
Of people who fuck just to scratch an itch, the things that they do make me fucking sick!


Self respect is at it's low when I let myself slip up when nobody's home.
Shut the door, close the blinds, I really don't want to be caught this time.
Small, pathetic, alone in my room, but these vulgar thoughts, they just consume.
It's a poison in the brain, it wont go away, but I hate viewing women in this way!


But I'll still fucking jerk it...
Track Name: Knee Jerk Reaction
Mr. President, please don't kill those people
Without you in charge his battle would cease
How can dropping bombs be a solution?
Sense when has ruthless murder resolved in peace?

Over 50% of our tax dollars spent on an unjust war
Nobody knows where are money goes or what we're fighting for

How can you say with a straight face
As you're screaming bombs away (BOMBS AWAY!)
That your fixing up the place

Mr. President, please don't kill those people
Without you in charge his battle would seize
How can dropping bombs be a solution?
Sense when has ruthless murder resolved in peace?

Well I'm lost in your train of thought if you really think that dropping bombs will justify this war we fought
And I don't think it's any fun for the mother of a solider who took his life with his own gun.
Track Name: Takeout
Oh I'm tryin', yes I'm tryin', to keep my head above water.
Maybe it's not a guarantee yet, but maybe I'll learn to swim.
I'll order takeout and eat it on my own.
Intoxication when no one's home.
I am a loser, not an addict, but what's the fucking difference?

When you get high on your own, and don't answer the phone when friends call?!
You're trying to pretend that you can't see the end of it all!
You make the same mistakes, and everything seems fake in the end!

Track Name: Take This Hat
Hands behind your back
Smirk on your wrinkly face
Try to enforce these dumass rules in this shitty place
Patrol the school like a filthy pig, you came to where I sat
Smile grew, we both knew you wanted to take my hat (FUCK YOU!)

Take this hat and shove it up your ass!
Track Name: Macho Men
I hate pointing the finger and I hate talking shit,
but there's just somethings about you that make me sick.
First off, quit acting so tough, you've got nothing to prove to us,
We don't care that you're cool and rude, we'd like you better if you were a nice dude
and I don't care how many chicks you've banged, but that's another thing I really hate,
you treat women just like shit, oh my god, you're such a fucking dick!

Drop your macho attitude and let's just try to be friends,
It's not that we hate you, it's that we hate what you do!

Muscles mask the heart that's inside, like your feelings are something to hide?
Too afraid to open up, afraid to seem less tough?
There's more to being a man than just the muscle, You gotta live with your heart and soul!
No more living with intolerance, sexist, homophobic, ignorance!

Drop your macho attitude and let's just try to be friends!
It's not that we hate you, but all the bros say!
Track Name: Poo Brain
A lot of friends keep telling me that their life is bringing them down
And when we're hanging out they seem like they're all bummed out

Maybe you think too much
I know that you've had it rough
But maybe you think too much
Haven't you had enough?!

'Cause it's no so bad
Change your mindset
It's not so bad
You haven't seen the best yet

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