Clitorati​/​Skalocaust Split


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Our first demo that we did with our friends Skalocaust.


released August 17, 2013

All songs written and preformed by Chandler, Chowie and Nathan
Vocals: Chandler, Chowie, Nathan
Guitar: Chandler, Nathan
Bass: Chandler, Nathan
Drums; Chowie
Recording/Mixing: Melodious Din Records


all rights reserved



CLITORATI Pomona, California

We are CLITORATI and we like f**king clowns.

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Track Name: Macho Men
I hate pointing the finger and I hate talking shit
But they're just some things about you that make me sick.
First off, quit acting so tough, you've got nothing to prove to us
We don't care that you're cool and rude, we'd like you better if you were a nice dude
And I don't care how many chicks you banged, but that's another thing I really hate
You treat women just like shit, oh my god you're such a fucking dick!

Muscles mask the heart that's inside, like your feelings are something to hide
You're too afraid to open up. Afraid to seem less tough?
There's more to being a man than just the muscle, you gotta live with your heart and soul
No more living with intolerance, sexist, homophobic ignorance!

Drop your macho attitude and let's just try to be friends
It's not that we hate you, it's that we hate what you do

But all the bros say Drink! Fight! Fuck that!
Track Name: Nonsense
Why do I feel worthless when my friends love me so?
I've got a roof over my head, not to mention a warm bed, yet sometimes I wanna be dead
I feel like a shitty person for feeling as sad as I do
I'm like this on a regular basis with absolutely no reason to
Don't fucking come near me
Why does dad fear me?
I wanna help you understand
You'll never understand me
I'm sick of singing pretty songs when all I want to do is scream
I'm tired of feeling all alone please wake me from this dream

Let's Go!
Track Name: Take Out
Oh I'm tryin', yes I'm tryin', to keep my head above water.
Maybe it's not a guarantee yet, but maybe I'll learn to swim.
I'll order takeout and eat it on my own.
Intoxication when no one's home.
I am a loser, not an addict, but what's the fucking difference?

When you get high on your own, and don't answer the phone when friends call?!
You're trying to pretend that you can't see the end of it all!
You make the same mistakes, and everything seems fake in the end!


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